URL field in iOS browser extension no longer autofilling

URL field no longer auto fills the loaded website URL when adding ‘New Login’ straight from the iOS safari browser extension.


  • Greetings @aarontran99,

    I might need some help in understanding and reproducing. I visited Twitter's sign-in page and filled in the fields before accessing the 1Password for iOS Safari extension. Without any modifications or additions this is what I see pre-populated for a new Login item.

    Are you seeing something different?

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    Hi thanks for replying. It’s mainly on signup forms

  • Hi @aarontran99,

    Are you accessing the 1Password extension via the AutoFill bar or the share sheet? To try and better highlight what I mean.

    Here is the new Login button if I access the extension via the Share Sheet, as we had to before iOS AutoFill.

    Here is slightly different interface when doing so via iOS AutoFill.

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    Hi @littlebobbytables I’m accessing it through the share sheet. It mainly occurs when I’m creating a new login in a signup form. In the login form for Twitter it still autopopulates for me, but when signing up the email autopopulates the username field, but the URL does not AutoFill. removed by AgileBits


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

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    Hi @aarontran99,

    I hope you don't mind, I removed the one that looked like it might contain a real email address.

    Testing on Twitter's sign-up form, where they ask for your name and email address I do find trying to save a Login item at that point doesn't populate the website field. Now that we've narrowed down and have reproducible steps I shall file a report as that definitely comes under weird behaviour.

    ref: apple-2682

  • Thanks for the help!

  • Thank you for the report :smile:

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