Feature request: Clearer feedback regarding vault access via group membership

adamc00adamc00 Junior Member
edited December 2018 in Business and Teams

As we understand it, if a group has access to a vault then the members of that group are assigned access. Here's our Accounts vault. It's easy to think that nobody has access to this. However we have an Accounts group. This group has access to the Accounts vault.

Who has group access?

We do have users assigned to this group.

People are assigned!

A similar issue is evident when viewing a user. This user has access to the Accounts vault via the Accounts group.

No vaults? Really?

For management and auditing purposes it would be great if vault access via a group (or groups) was made clearer. The current feedback is confusing and could lead to inadvertently exposing secrets to the wrong users.

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  • isha_agisha_ag 1Password Alumni

    This is a great feature request! Thank you for writing out everything and adding the screenshots to make it crystal clear. While I cannot promise any timelines, I've passed this on to the development team.

  • adamc00adamc00 Junior Member

    Thank you.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Likewise, it's a good suggestion! :):+1:

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