1P 6.8.9 to 1P7 question

Just realized that 1P7 is out, I have 6.8.9 from the Mac Store. We have 4 Macs with 1P on the same Mac App Store account. We also use iPhones that are synced with 1P.
I understand 1P7 is a paid upgrade. Do I pay for one Mac App Store 1P7 upgrade or on each Mac? (I do not want subscription). Also, since the format of the file changes, do the iPhones still sync with it?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @roethlis: The Mac App Store version of 1Password is not available for sale, for many reasons, but a big one is the lack of any upgrade facility there. So you'd need to either get a 1Password Families membership, which covers everything for each family member you invite (and makes sync and secure sharing easy, among other things), or purchase a license for each person who needs to use it:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever

    And while 1Password for Mac version 7 now uses OPVault format exclusively, 1Password for iOS has also supported that for years, so you'd just need to configure each device to use the new vault.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • So if I understand the above conversation correctly, if I, an owner of IP6, which enables me to use it on up to 5 Macs, wants to upgrade to IP7, I now have to buy a standalone license for each Mac? I, like the original questioner, do NOT want a subscription.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    The limitation isn't on the number of Macs; it is on the number of people. Licenses are valid for one person. That one person can use the version of 1Password they are licensed for on any number of Macs. Each person using 1Password on those Macs would need their own license. The only multi-person offering we have is membership.


  • Thanks for answering my question. Though not what I was hoping for. As said - hate the thought of subscription and i am avoiding this as much as possible. V6 so far works and I’m not willing to buy 4 licenses. I suppose I have some time to look around for alternatives until v6 breaks. I don’t want to sound cheap but buying 4 licenses of v7 which 1 license of v6 and earlier did is outrages. I was a hugh fan of 1P and advocated it to several friends. Greed is how you lose customers.

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator
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    Just to reiterate what Ben said, in case it isn't clear to you.

    If you use five Macs then you only need one licence.

    If you and your family use five Macs between you, then, apart from subscribing, you would need one licence for each person involved. Frankly, subscribing is better value both financially and technically.

    AgileBits have used various different licencing models over the years, and it can get confusing. At one point you could get a licence that covered five peope, but that was changed long before the subscription was introduced.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Indeed, membership is likely going to be less expensive and offer greater value.


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