How do I export data from a usage or activity report in 1Password Business?

I would like to export the data found in usage and activity reports ( Right now I can only see them in the web page or print them. I would like to consume this same data to use in internal tools, is there an API or the ability to download this same data in CSV, JSON or key:value pairs? Anything besides scraping the web page? :)

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  • isha_agisha_ag

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    Currently the usage and activity reports are only provided through the web app. Depending on how you were planning on using the usage data, the Activity Log ( might be interesting to look at. It has some overlap with the information provided in the usage reports and is presented chronologically rather than a compiled report. The Activity Log events can also be retrieved via our command line tool (

    Can I ask more about your use case for wanting to export the usage data?

  • Hi @isha_ag Just tagging in on this one as this is a feature my team would like also. Personally, I feel the report is partially useless unless it can be exported as a CSV or excel document. The reason is for creating internal reports and being able to easily filter through user accounts using excel. We can then add department columns and other info alongside our team member names. Looking at the overall "Team" usage report for our entire account, if I could export it into excel, I could then more easily sort by last login, create a comments column and be able to send a report to my manager to show the usage in a customized format. Sending a pdf with 17 pages that he needs to sort through isn't ideal if I just want to show the accounts which haven't been logged in in the past 6 months. We are constantly working to make sure our staff uses 1Password and being able to pull usage reports allows us to monitor staff usage and continue enforcing/encouraging it's usage across our organization. We are paying for the product too so that's another reason we want to make sure our staff are using it besides password security reasons. :smile:


  • jin_dhaliwaljin_dhaliwal

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    Hello @alfredomontalvo,

    Thanks for the feedback! Exporting to CSV is a great idea, but there are security and access concerns that we are still thinking through with regards to that. Be assured that we definitely want to improve the reporting features available to our business customers.

    Please do let us know if you have any other feedback that could help us improve the reporting for all our users.

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