Just to be clear does private mean private to that p;erson or that device

Does Private mean private to that person or that device

1Password Version: 7.2.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac 10.14.2
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    If you can provide a little more context to how you are intending the question. It will be easier to give a 100% definitive answer. I could give you, if you meant this or that etc. I just don't want to steer you wrong because I misunderstood the question. Better safe than sorry as they say.

  • OK Figure a family account - I have a Mac Book,Ipad and Android phone ( LOL its a long story)
    If I set up a vault as private:
    1. Can I access it from all three devices or is it private to the device where it was set up?
    2. Can other people using the same account see that private vault if they can not access it?
    3. Can other people using the same account share that Private vault?

  • Hi @lmgreen,
    Your private vault is private to you, each person in a family or a team membership have their own private vault and that person can only access the contents of that private vault. it is not linked per device, if you are signed into multiple devices that you own/user then you will be able access your private vault(s) ( I say vaults, as you can create multiple vaults and not invite others to them )

    Multiple people in a team or a family membership can share items from their private vaults if they copy or move them out of the private vault and into a shared vault. Vaults can be shared between people the account administrator or owner chooses.

    We've got some handy info on creating and sharing vaults on our support site if you fancy a quick read. :+1:

    I hope this helps to answer confusion there @lmgreen and thank you @thightower for helping out!

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