Can't see most my entries in 1password

I use 1Password 4 for Windows on a desktop & 2 laptops, all running Windows Pro x64 in very similar configurations. I keep my Vault (I have only one) in the Dropbox.
In all 3 machines, I use usually use 1Password from the extensions in Vivaldi, Chrome or Firefox, and when I click on the 1Password icon in the browsers, I can see and use my full list of logins.
In the laptops, when I open 1Password for Windows, I can see the same long logins list, and also my secure notes, etc.
But in the desktop, which I use most, I only see 5 of my 162 logins, and nothing in Accounts, Secure Notes, Identities. All and Unassigned show the same 5 entries.

I have tried changing to a backup Vault, and I've tried repairing the Vault.

I'd be very glad if you can tell me how to restore this functionality in the desktop app.

Thank you,


1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: 1803 (OS Build 17134.407)
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @mbernard,

    Thanks for writing in. I've moved your thread to our 1Password 4 for Windows forum.

    Just to get a better understanding on this issue, did it ever show all of your data on your desktop as in it just stops showing them out of nowhere like a potential sync issue or was this the first time you opened that specific vault on the desktop?

    If you make a change to the missing item or create a new testing item on your laptop, did it show up on your desktop?

    There is no reason 1Password would not show you all of the items, there is nothing that restricts your ability to view your own 1Password data, even if you have no license, it would still show you all of the data.

  • Hi MikeT

    Well, it's back. My long list, I mean, all 162 items, after being in short list (5 items) form for a fortnight.

    To answer your questions:
    --yes, it always showed all my data, from early 2014 till a fortnight ago, on all 3 Wins computers and an ipad and iphone.
    --I only have one vault, and it was that one that stopped displaying most items.
    --If I create a new testing item on a laptop, it shows up in the list on my desktop...and here's the miracle:

    So does everything else! Somehow, adding an item (to Secure Notes, as it happens) in one of the laptops made the whole shebang appear in 1 password in the desktop machine. I hadn't backed up, or fiddled with any settings. All I did was (1) check that it still wasn't displaying correctly in the desktop machine; (2) add a test item in the laptop; (3) return to the desktop and click on 1Password--and everything was, and is, displaying correctly. Do you understand why this might happen? I certainly don't!

    Thank you! --and I'll now think about upgrading to 7 in the new year.


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    Hi @mbernard,

    Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad it is back. It sounds like an interrupted sync to me, it didn't finish syncing and that blocks the loading of the data. Once you create a new item, it would recreate certain files and sync everything again.

    We see this sometime with Dropbox but there is no pattern as to why it happens, when it does, it rarely occurs again.

    You didn't change your master password or anything like that recently, right?

  • Aha! I had an unexpected shutdown a fortnight ago (cure: increase size of paging file). I then didn't use 1Password for a few days, so didn't connect the truncated list view with the crash. I think you've put your finger on the cause.

    And no, I didn't change the master password, or anything else, recently.

    Thanks again--it's nice to have a probable reason for the problem.


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    Hi @mbernard,

    That certainly explains it, that's why we're always careful to create daily backups to recover from situations like that.

    You're welcome.

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