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Hello 1Password/AgileBits team,

First and foremost, thank you for making a product that benefits society at large on the internet. I wish more people understood the importance passwords and security play in our daily lives. We lock our front doors at night... but [email protected] is a good key?

Anyways, I mistakenly gave a personal folder to an employee at work thinking it was something else. In that folder was my Emergency Kit. I changed my master password, printed the document with the password on it for storage, and closed the document. The printer jammed. I don't have my new master password. Can you assist in getting me back into my account?

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  • Edit: To mitigate the risk of her having my Secret Key and Master Password, I reset it to a new one.

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    @qRorschach - wow, thank YOU: both for being a 1Password user, and for the kind words.

    We lock our front doors at night... but [email protected] is a good key?

    Truer words: never spoken. This is indeed the core of our mission. :)

    Unfortunately, if you have an individual 1Password account (meaning: not shared with a team administrator or family organizer who can help you recover your account), an you've truly lost access via your Master Password, then your data will be unrecoverable. :(

    I wanted to put that first, as a worst-case. However, if you're still signed into your account in 1Password on ANY device, you can recover the data from it, even if the account itself is lost and has to be deleted/re-created. This is what I'm hoping for 🤞. Are there any devices on which you use 1Password that are still signed into the account? Or are you completely unable to sign into it, from anywhere?

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    Hi @Lars,

    That is also the conclusion I came to. I manage IT at my office and may be deploying it for our Foundation, so it was great to learn that capability is available.

    I have the plain text export of my data from the 1Password X local application. Additionally, I have biometric access to my vaults on the mobile application. In order to be operational again I need to be able to reaccess the account and populate it with the plain text export (and then format those bits).


  • The devices on which I can access my vaults are unable to sync with my account. Just reread your question @Lars

    It may be worth noting I want access to my subscribed account back, not to create a new one.

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    @qRorschach - so, I'm unable to just "give you access" to your data in your 1password.com account; if I could, that would be a huge security hole. Only you know your Master Password. That's why I asked whether you were signed into this account in any of your devices, and could see your data. Are there any such devices? You say "the devices on which I can access my vaults are unable to sync with my account," but I'm unclear whether that means you're not signed into the account there, or just are having trouble syncing. Let me try one more time: do you have any device on which you can see the data in your 1password.com account's vault(s)?

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    Yes. I can see old data via biometric access on my cell phone. I am unable to input a master password and unlock my account.

    The only place on the planet my password lives is in my vaults, which is protected by my master password. I came to the forum so that, as outlined in the support documentation, my paid subscription account can be cleared of all data and new credentials can be issued. My primary directive in coming her is have access to the account restored. I have zero interest in perserving any historical data.

    My use of data was different from your use of data. I said data as in "information Lars has control over" and you said data as "information stored in 1password". I want my account reset following all normal procedures and information on how I may log back into it and restore the export of my 1password vaults.

    Unless I am missing a step in here where I can use the plain text file or my logged-in-but-not-syncing 1password apps that is what I have been trying to say the whole time. If the point of disconnect here is that my apps allow me to get into my data even though I don't have the master password that authenticates my.1password.com, I imagine they were off when the master password changed and they are now unable to sync the new data because of a broken connection.

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    @qRorschach - ok, thanks for the clarification. To really get your account restored, you're going to have to delete it and create a new one. That's the part I mentioned earlier about not being able to just give you access or reset things. What I'd recommend is that you create a new 1password.com account (since you'll need one anyway), then sign into it on the same mobile device where you're able to access your existing data via Touch ID. Then transfer data from the older (existing) account into this new one you created using these instructions. That will be the best way to transfer data, rather than exporting and re-importing. Once you've moved your data over, you can remove the older account, leaving you with only the newer one, and we can figure out any adjustments that need to be made to billing. Let me know when that's accomplished, or if you have any questions. :)

  • Hi @Lars,

    Thank you for the help. The copy/move was far more efficient than the process I had started once I learned I was unable to import the plain text (.txt) export.

    I have created a new my.1password.com account with a new email address. The new account is subscribed on a 30-day trial. What are the next steps I should follow to discontinue billing on my inaccessible my.1password.com account and credit the new account with the time-balance?


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    That is something we'll need to handle via email. Please drop us an email to [email protected] from the email address associated with the old account and then post the support ID you get back when doing so here. Thanks!


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