Offload Unused Apps in iOS and 3rd party Authentication apps.

So I was setting up my newphews new iPhone yesterday and I was looking thought some settings. I came across “Offload Unused Apps” under the settings. I remembered this when it came out and I was wondering, could this be a issue if you use a 3rd party authentication app for 1Password? I use Duo as my authentication app for my 1Password account, and I think I opened it twice since loading it on my iPhone. My understanding is, if you don’t use an app, the iOS device detects that you don’t use an app, it can offload it if you have the setting turned on. It says the data saves on the device (Instagram, you can reload it, and you’ll be logged on). But how does this work for authentication apps? If an authentication app gets offloaded, can I re-load the app and the data still there?

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    @prime: Hmm. It's a really good question. I'm not entirely sure there's a conclusive answer, as I've heard mixed results with that with various apps, since there are so many different ways of handling it. I think if they're using the latest APIs and tools from Apple, and handling app data in a standard way, the data should still be usable after reloading the app after offloading. One thing that some apps seem to do though is store the authenticator data in iCloud, which seems to work well even if the app is outright deleted by the user. Since the only way to really know for a specific app would be to try it, I'd personally rather backup the TOTP secret myself. It's important enough to be sure. :)

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