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I do not think it is fair to advertise to US customers that funds are in US Dollars but you don't share that the transactions occur in Canada. As a result of this lack of transparency I have incurred a fee from my bank for purchasing this product that I did not agree too nor did I expect. My bank says that it is not their fault and I tend to agree with them because foreign transactions fee are explained to me when I opened my account. I assume because the amount is small you don't get many complaints about this but I feel it is just bad business to not disclose this fact in advance clearly.

You have a great product and I would have gladly paid the fee had it been disclosed to me in advance. Alternatively I have US funds credit cards that are based in Canada and would have used one of those cards instead had you been more upfront. However this lack of transparency has left me with a bad taste.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @jfahie

    I'm sorry to hear you've felt mislead by this. We don't collect any foreign transaction fees. Any such fees that are collected would be collected by your card issuer (i.e. your bank) per your card member agreement with them. At the bottom of every page on the marketing site we do list our address, in Canada, and even have the Canadian flag flying:

    There are a number of popular cards that do not charge any foreign transaction fees. That may be something to consider looking into, especially for any online purchasing. I do apologize for the trouble.


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