Importing Firefox passwords

Messy messy messy. Spent hours trying to resolve. Reinstalled (everything possible to actually reinstall!). Eventually manually exported FF passwords via csv (as per noted on all other forums here as about the only possible solution to get password imported into the all-so-great-1Password). Imports - as unreadable rubbish into 1Password. Solution? Export the FF passwords from FF to a csn file, manually copy and paste into a word document, print word document, manually then go into EVERY SINGLE SITE THAT YOU HAVE A PASSWORD LISTED FOR AND RE-LOG IN SO THAT THE ALL-SO-GREAT-1PASSWORD CAN THEN ACTUALLY GRAB AND STORE THE LOGIN AND PASSWORD. Great - if you have hours to waste or are fed up with the hours you have wasted already trying to find a resolution. Information I might add that is not easily found on the Agile forums unless you again spend hours trawling over different forums finding different information to try and piece together a solution that actually works. Here is a hint Agile .. what about posting something like "we're really sorry that our product doesn't actually work properly with Firefox and we recomend that you go to each of your sites and re-enter your information as fresh so our special product can pick it up and save it". Apologies to all that I sound angry ... wasting hours of unnecessary time tends to do that after you have purchased a product. On ethat I might add I purchased months ago but just had it sitting around because it never worked properly to start with!!!!!


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    Welcome to the forums, seaofquiddity. Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having this problem.

    We only just added Firefox import the latest beta versions of the extension. It sounds like you didn't use that direct import method, though, but rather exported your Firefox passwords to a CSV file.

    Would you like me to help you import your Firefox passwords directly using the beta extension, or were you just venting? I'd love to help if you would like me to.

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