Master Password was unknowingly changed and I am now locked out of my passwords

I opened my 1password app today and typed in the same Master Password that I've used for months now but I was told that it was not correct. My normal password is a strong password, and I have never thought about changing it. When I tried my normal password a few more times, the password hint popped up on the screen and only said "hi", which is not the password hint that I set. I'm locked out of all my passwords and I believe that my master password was tampered with. Please help.

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: ios 12.2.1
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:master password was changed


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @isaac_kuhlmann: I'm sorry for the trouble, but fortunately what you're describing is not possible. The Master Password is not stored in your vault; the data is encrypted using it, and what you enter is then merely used as an input to decrypt it. So in order for it to be changed by someone or something else, the data would first need to be decrypted (both by 1Password and iOS, since each app has its own encrypted sandbox) by providing the correct Master Password, and then the data would need to be re-encrypted using the new one. So is isn't feasible for someone to "tamper" with your Master Password, and in order for anyone to change it, they'd need to know the one you'd used in the first place -- at which point they could access your data anyway. So you don't need to worry about that at least.

    However, you still have the problem of not being able to access your data. (Un)fortunately that's not something we can help with directly, as the Master Password was chosen by you and it isn't sent to us or anyone else. However, please try the tips in this guide as they may help you gain access again:

    If that doesn't help though, you will need to either restore from a backup, sync from another device, or simply start over. You can try as many times as you want. You won’t be “locked out”, but you will not be able to access your data unless you can enter the required Master Password correctly.

    The other possibility is that the drive on your device is damaged or failing, in which case the data has changed and can no longer be decrypted. Anyway, if you're still having trouble, let me know where else you have your data and I'll walk you through restoring it.

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    I had an issue with a password recently. I ultimately found, by typing into a text editor, that Caps Lock was engaged on my keyboard but there was no visual indicator of that on the keyboard. Just a thought in case it helps.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Dang it! It's happened to me too -- even with an LED for Caps Lock, I tend to miss it unless the room is dark. Glad to hear that all is well now. :)

  • jpgoldbergjpgoldberg Agile Customer Care

    Team Member

    Man, I've done that (though decades ago). I was nearly in tears.

    But what's happened more recently is that I would have literal nightmares about forgetting my Master Password. And then in the morning after such nightmares I would actually have problems remembering it. (Note that these have subsided now that there are family and team members who can recover my accounts).

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