Adding new family member under old standalone family license

Dear AgileBits team,
I purchased an old style family license for both OSX and Windows back in 2014. Since then two family members were using 1Password. Now I want to add a third one (kids are growing...) but have a hard time to find out how to get started. 1Password keeps asking me for an existing vault which I cannot provide. Any attempt to import my existing license file also did not work. Can you give me a hint how to procede?
Thank you and best regards
PS: My email address is still the same as in 2014 so you should be able to find the documentation of my license purchase.

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.14.2
Sync Type: none yet ;-)
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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @JSchoof

    The best way forward would be to upgrade to a 1Password Families membership, which will allow you and your family to use the latest versions of 1Password on all of your devices. You can read more about membership here:

    About 1Password membership

    Your current license would be for 1Password 6 for Mac, and 1Password 4 for Windows, both of which are retired and no longer being developed. You can continue to use those versions as long as they continue to work for you, but we'd recommend always keeping up with the latest versions of all software, especially 1Password.

    Please let me know which way you'd like to go and we can help you move forward from there.


  • Hi @Ben

    thanks for your reply. I am of course aware of the Families membership, but right now we are fine with 1Password on OS X and iOS, which is what we are typically using. Everything works smoothly for existing users, but it would be great to get a hint how to create a new vault for an additional user. As written above the only two options to start working seem to be

    • entering your 1Password account and password, which we do not have as part of the old license or
    • continuing with an already existing vault, which is fine for existing users but aproblem for new ones.
      Any assistance on how to solve this would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @JSchoof - I'm not sure I understand the issue. If a new person wants to use 1Password and you have an existing Family License for version 6, you can use it to license the new user's copy of 1Password on their Mac user account. If all you want to do is create a new vault in an existing 1Password for Mac setup, click File > New Vault and give it a password. If I'm missing something, please let me know! :)

  • @Lars - thank you for stating the obvious. It worked as you described it. My fault was, that I wanted to create the vault directly on one of the synchronization services instead of doing so locally and then synchronizing it. I obviously did not see the wood for the trees.
    Thanks a lot

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @JSchoof - no worries! Sometimes it just takes a slight shift in perspective to see what's always been there. Glad I was able to help. :)

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