To start with - how does it work with 1 user and 1 pc and 1 android

Looking for a good password manager, would like to start with 1 user (myself) with 1 win 10 pc, and 1 android phone. Few questions
1. If I use the trial, and set up /passwords say to my online banking, amazon areas, what will happen when the trial expires and I don't want to use it, how is access then to these account available. This would be the same question if in say 3yrs time, for some reason I want to leave, how are all my accounts available to me?
2. if initially set up on pc, and say passwords are changed, are they synced and available on my android, how do you sync to android
3. if in the future if I continue, can I share the manager(vaults) to other members of the family, assume that would need an upgrade to a family membership?
4. Cost initially for single user, and then family

thank you

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: win 10 pc
Sync Type: android and Iphones
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    Welcome to the forum, @14fair!

    Looking for a good password manager

    Well, you've come to the right place, then. ;)
    1. The same way they've always been: with your username and password for those various accounts. We don't control your credentials, 1Password is just a place to store them securely and help you by filling them into websites. If you choose not to continue after 30 days or five years, you will still be able to sign into your various accounts manually by typing your data into sign-in pages just as you do now. And if an account enters Frozen status, it doesn't mean your data is inaccessible, it just means that you can't add, edit or delete any of it, and you can't use the browser extension to fill in your credentials. But you can still open and unlock 1Password with your Master Password and even export your data for use elsewhere, if you like.
    2. If you're using a membership, sync is automatic. Just download the app for whatever platform you'd like to use 1Password on (Mac, Windows, Android and iOS), and sign into your account
    3. You can't share an individual account with anyone else unless you actually give them your own Master Password and Secret Key -- which I would not recommend, as they could then see ALL of your data, and even delete your entire account. But if you upgrade to 1Password Families, then yes, you can use the Shared vault for items the entire family needs access to.
    4. Pricing information is available on our pricing page.

    Let us know if you have any other questions! :)

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