Which fields are searchable using web client

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This has been asked before but there wasn't a clear answer given. I'm trying to ensure that some of our key credentials can be found with multiple possible search terms, but even if I add them as tags or labels they don't seem to be getting found using the web interface. For one field that was of type "Secret Note" I tried adding all the terms at the beginning, but it seems only the first 80 characters get indexed.

Oh, and unrelated - it's kinda annoying that the site logo (favicon) and first word of page title for 1password and the support site are the same, as I literally can't tell which of my tabs are for which...

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  • Hello @wizofaus,

    When searching for items in the item list what you are actually searching is the item overviews. An item overview is a simple representation of the item's data. For logins this is the item title, login username, and domain. For secure notes this is the item title, and a portion of the note.

    This is done to limit the data being retrieved when we create the item list. Without this limitation we would have to get all data for all items, which could potentially take a very long time given that secure notes and custom fields have no limitations on size.

    I hope that answers your question. Please let us know if you need any more information.

  • That makes sense if it's purely a client-side search, but wouldn't it make sense to have a server call to do advanced searches?

  • Item data is encrypted and the server has no visibility into the contents of your items. That's part of what makes your data secure. Only a client set up with your account data can access the item contents.

    So the searches are done client side by design.

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