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I have an individual subscription and would like to try out Families. I don’t want to create a new account, can I upgrade and downgrade my individual account as required


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @ematics

    That is possible if you are subscribed directly through us, yes. It is not possible while subscribed through Apple. If you are subscribed through Apple and would like to get switched over please email our sales team at [email protected] from the email address associated with your 1Password account. When you do so you'll get a support ID back from BitBot. Please post that ID here so that we can follow up.

    Once you're on direct billing you can use the "invite people" link in the right-hand sidebar at https://my.1password.com/ to upgrade to 1Password Families.



  • [#KVM-68727-517] Re: [1Password Forum] Ben mentioned you in Upgrade to Families

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks @ematics. I see we've received your email and one of us will be in touch shortly.


    ref: KVM-68727-517

  • moonlinermoonliner Junior Member

    Hey Ben,

    I also am looking to upgrade from personal to family from iTunes. Just unsubscribed there and emailed support. My ID is: [#GGX-64873-842]


  • Hi Ben,

    I did the same thing. Looked it up online, as well as all of your competitors. Decided on the Family version. Then activated using my iPhone, which automatically gave me an Individual account and no way to upgrade to a Family account. Huge bummer, as I had the time to get this setup today. I have emailed [email protected] - [#QYK-26691-313] - after emailing about this to support this morning. I never heard back from support, but found this thread online. I canceled my subscription through iTunes. Hopefully I hear back soon as to how to move forward with the Family upgrade. Thank you for the information and love the support forum for help with these issues!

  • brentybrenty

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    @moonliner: Thanks! I see that Jessy has already replied to you via email, so we can continue the conversation there. :)

    ref: GGX-64873-842

  • brentybrenty

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    @bcooley22: Sure thing! I've located your email and will get back to you there shortly. :)

    ref: QYK-26691-313

  • Hi support folks,

    Below is an email I sent this morning to [email protected] I received bot reply Re: [#FJG-18318-892] but no human response yet.

    I see Ben had a similar issue. See my email below and let me know what to do.

    Is the "Private / Shared account" different then the "Personal Account" that I canceled or are they connected now?

    Also if the "Personal Account" is open and I double click the 1Password "Personal account icon" (on the left side menu, it launches the shared account (family) with the password already filled in. So if someone accessed my Mac and launched the "Personal" account they could access the shared account as it automatically fills in the master password. I'm really confused... Thanks....

    Having a small issue. I wanted to purchase a family account and I did something wrong I think. I have two accounts currently, Individual and Family.

    Account #1
    I wanted a family plan. First signed up via Apple Store. I did not see the option for family plan in the store and figured I could upgrade once individual plan was installed. I did not see such an option to upgrade once installed.

    Account #2
    I bought a second account via your website, family plan. Great!

    Both plans use the same email and master password.

    I canceled the individual plan via my ITunes account. (Free 1 month trial), which was bought via App Store.

    Once installed (individual account) an icon appeared in my bottom tool bar. If I click the icon it opens 1PW without needing the master password for the individual plan. If I close the App (completely close) and delete the icon from the toolbar and then open my account via you website login, it goes to the Family plan, but also puts the icon back into the bottom toolbar. And if I click the icon again, it opens the individual account without a password.

    How do I get rid of the individual account? What should I do about the icon launching the individual account without a master password?

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    What should I do about the icon launching the individual account without a master password?

    @BruceO: I don't know what this means. But it sounds like you've signed up for multiple 1Password membership subscription accounts. It sounds like you're sort of getting things to where you want them, and if you have all your data in the 1Password Families membership account you're in good shape (since you've canceled the individual subscription through Apple, so you don't pay for both). Just make sure you sign into the family account and verify you have everything you need there:


    But if you don't have your data in the family account yet, you'll want to move that stuff over. You'll need to sign into both accounts in the app, and then you can copy your data between them:


    Once you have all your data in the new family account, you just need to setup all the apps to use only that account and you should be all set. Make sure you have your Emergency Kit for the account first, and then you can easily reset the apps to set them up with your new account:


    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Dear team,

    I would like to upgrade from my personal account to family one.
    I cancelled my subscription from Apple and my account will be expired 11th April.
    Following Ben's instruction, I created support ticket with ID [#XIB-93665-775]

    Could you please help to take a look at it for me.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks! We'll continue the conversation via email. :)

    ref: XIB-93665-775

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