please allow autofill of bank account info

Why wouldn't you allow users to autofill bank account/routing numbers? Many times, usears don't want to pay with a CC but just their bank account.

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  • Hi @bbeyer,

    A lot of 1Password's current behaviour is still based on decisions made in 1Password 3 or possibly even earlier. Bank Account items weren't designed for filling and were more just about allowing the user to create a record for reference when needed. I can't talk for Canada and the US, still our primary location for users but here in the UK the only time I'd be supplying bank account details would be for setting up a direct debit which is a one-time action. It is only based on my own experiences but it's pretty much unheard of to use actual bank details for a one-time transaction.

    Things do change of course and certain decisions in the past may not be the decisions we'd make again today in the same situation. We've toyed with ways to make all types fillable but for the moment that is very much still in the concept stage and hasn't made it to code in any shape or form. For now filling is limited to Login, Identity, Credit Card and Password items.

  • It is not unheard of or I wouldn't be requesting it. I have to fill out bank account info enough that it would be useful to autofill.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    @bbeyer: We certainly believe you, but I haven't heard about it until now either. Having said that, we're both located in Europe, which probably has different regulations. Either way, as @littlebobbytables already mentioned, we're toying with allowing such details to be filled, but there's still time before that becomes a reality. I'm sorry that I don't have a more satisfactory answer for you, but your request has been heard and acknowledged. :)

  • I'd like this too. I live in the US, and prefer to set up recurring payments as well as merchant-based payments with my bank account as opposed to my credit card. Credit cards expire, numbers can change if the card is stolen or lost, and it's a hassle updating them all.

    Bank account numbers don't change, so - it would be nice whenever a merchant is asking for preferred payment method that I was able to autofill bank account info (routing and account numbers).

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    To be honest, when I do need to fill bank routing and account numbers (most often to setup payment for credit cards), the forms don't even allow pasting or filling, and often require manually re-typing each multiple times to confirm. I wish that weren't the case, but given that the vast majority of people want 1Password to fill login credentials, and that's a never-ending task, we really need to focus on that. But perhaps we'll be able to expand 1Password's filling capabilities in the future. I just don't want to get your hopes up, as financial site often go out of their way to prevent exactly what you're trying to do.

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