Lost Family Account

So in setting up a family account, I have unfortunately lost both my master password and don’t have a copy of the secret key(s). I’m the sole organiser / owner of the family account. Luckily we haven’t really started to use it, and from what I understand the only solution from here is to shut down the account and start all over again?

2 things, 1) is someone from Agile bits able to close that family account down and what’s the process? 2) I’ve paid for a year, and I’ve got 9 months left. Am I able to get that membership back on a fresh account?


  • Doodler_BenjiDoodler_Benji

    Team Member

    Hello @stillt,

    Not a problem, we'd be happy to help with this for you. I'll reach out to you now via email to take care of things for you.

    Best wishes, speak to you soon..

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