One login stopped filling in Chrome

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  • I have Password 1, version 7.2.4, on a Macbook air v 10.13.6 and use Google Chrome as my browser. I'm aware of only one of my login sites that isn't working right. At this site I have to copy and paste the password or 1Password looks like it tries to install the password in the user name box, even though I have the cursor in the password box, when I click on the fill for the second time after the user name box is filled. Previously I've always had to click on 'fill' twice to get both the user name box and password box filled, but didn't have to go through the cut and paste routine. The automation of this process seems to be going in the wrong direction. I don't understand the dialogue above. I'd appreciate a simpler correction if you have one.


  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there @rgevans871!

    I've split your topic as it seems to be a separate issue. I'd love to look into the issue and see if we can get it fixed. Would you mind sharing the URL of the site in question? Thanks! :smile:

  • Hi @rgevans871,

    Can you try saving an entirely new Login item using the steps detailed on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser but before you try filling, locate the item and edit it. You'll find the stored username contains a bunch of asterisks **** as the site likes to sprinkle a little security theatre on top. Once you've edited the item can you try filling and seeing if you can successfully sign in please.

  • In the above post, you suggest "before you try filling, locate the item and edit it." I don't know how you wan't me to edit the user name or where to find the stored username containing the bunch of asterisks. The user name that I see in 1Password contains no asterisks, but the one that appears at the login site when I click 'fill' does. So, if you want me to edit out the asterisks, where do I find the stored user name containing the asterisks? The only place I can do an 'edit' is at the 1Password box and that user name contains no asterisks.

  • Hi @rgevans871,

    Did you save an entirely new Login item? When I do that using the URL you provided the new Login item contains the modified username, not the real one because that's what the site has has done to the field. Your existing item, that I would assume would hold the correct value as I believe it used to work but a freshly saved item (not an updated one), that I would hope would mirror my own findings.

  • I got it. I misinterpreted your earlier instructions. I thought you wanted me to try and edit something before I created the new login. I went to the link, followed the instructions, edited out the asterisks and login is working fine again.

    Many thanks.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Fantastic! Thanks for the update. I'm glad lil bobby was able to help. Cheers! :)

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