NextCloud sync - another user leaving


I’ve been a user for many years, and after carefully researching this issue, I regretfully must conclude that it it time to move on. I am saying farewell forever to Drobbox (thank goodness!!), and I have never once even considered saying ‘hello’ to iCloud (🤮). I appreciate what you have done with, but that simply won’t suit my purposes either. The only potential option is to run WLAN sync at home with the vault in my NextCloud directory. ...but at the first frustration with merge or file lock issues, I am going to have to cut ties with 1P.

Yes, please add another hash mark for “user interested in other sync options”, although I’m not optimistic that it well help.

That’s my bit. Thanks for everything. It was good while it lasted.



  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I hope you're able to find a solution better suited to your needs, @xgregious. We're not currently considering other sync options: is the way forward as far as 1Password is concerned, and that is where our efforts are focused. That said, I understand your desire to use NextCloud. Best of luck, and if you ever change your mind we'll be here to help. :)


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