Need a password manager on Windows rather than a Mac after 12 years.

bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member

I've been using 1Password for just shy of 10 years now on my Macs and iOS devices. Am in the process of moving back to a Windows machine as my primary home computer and need a password manager and version 4 doesn't cut it on a primary use machine. Thus far I only tried LastPass which most of the writers claim is the best out there in the Win world and it downright sucks compared to what I'm use to with 1Password.

Am now trying out iPassword 7 for Windows. It sort of sucks compared to the Mac version also. If I stay with 1Password it's going to be with the subscription plan because I'll be using mulitple OSs. The below is after approximately 1-2 hours use of the app this morning.

1st, It didn't import all the passwords from my 1Passwordagilekeychain. I've gone through only 90 logins so far and 9 of them had no password. Good thing I didn't let it touch change my Dropbox keychain so I could manually enter them from my Mac. Have about 400 more to go. But, if it's not importing passwords, what else am I going to be missing?

2nd, Where is the full page access of each login in the browser plugins? I quite often need the notes of the logins which is where I save security question answers without having to open the app. Has that been downgraded in the Mac version also?

3rd, is the Windows version going to get full words in the Win version browser plugins instead of just icons where I have to go hover over each one until I figure out what they all are? Or has that changed in the new Mac version also?

4th, In the list of items in the app itself, why is the name of the item not bold to separate it from the username shown below it. It just makes everything all run together instead of being able to quickly scan through items to find what you're looking for. Has that changed in the Mac app also?

5th, the font being used particularly for the password itself is extremely hard to read as compared to the font in use in iPassword 6 on my Mac, particularly many of the characters. Or has that changed in the new Mac version also?

Right now based on what I'm seeing in the Win version, I'm afraid to let this version touch my Mac and my iPhone.

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  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member

    6th, When using the browser plugin, it now opens in the same tab instead of a new tab which means I now have to remember to go open a new page prior to using 1Password - has that changed in the new Mac version?

  • jin_dhaliwaljin_dhaliwal

    Team Member
    edited January 7

    Hello @bobtomay,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with 1Password7 for Windows so far. We appreciate the feedback! The syncing issues sound like there may be something wrong in the set up of the Dropbox syncing options. Could you please generate a diagnostics report for us from 1Password7 for Windows?

    Instructions on how to generate the diagnostics report can be found here:

    Once the report is generated please send it to us by emailing [email protected]

    Please reply here with the Support ID that gets created for you so that we can follow up.

  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member

    Support ID is [#KHW-97352-315].

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member
    edited January 8

    Thanks. We'll get back to you via email to help with anything else as you get setup on your PC. :)

    ref: KHW-97352-315

    But in case it helps you or anyone else,

    1. Both 1Password for Mac and Windows have an Import option (in the File and 1Password menus respectively) where you can select an old AgileKeychain to add the data (1Password 7 uses the newer OPVault format).

    2. Item details cannot be viewed directly in 1Password mini on Windows. You can right-click and select "View in 1Password" to see all of an item's details.

    3. I can't say one way or the other about designs of future versions, but I will let the team know that you'd prefer to have text for menu items in mini.

    4. The larger text size differentiates between the item title and other information, but I'll let the team know you want bold text. Perhaps that's something we'll do in the future.

    5. Windows fonts (and rendering) are different than Mac fonts, but we'll continue to evaluate different options as we develop future versions.

    6. In version 7.3, which is in beta and should be available to everyone "soon", you can choose the option to have it open a new tab.

  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member
    edited January 8

    Prior to upgrading across all my devices, I am wanting to know if the Mac version of 1Password 7 still has:

    1. Full item details in 1Password mini?
    2. List or icons only for menu items in 1Password mini?
    3. Bold text for login titles in the app?
    4. A font for passwords where you can tell the difference between a capital "I" (eye) and a small "l" (ell) along with the existing feature of black letters, blue numbers and red symbols?
    5. I can deal with this one...
    6. ability to edit a login in 1Password mini?

    Or have those disappeared in the Mac version?


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    1Password 7 for Mac has...

    Full item details in 1Password mini?


    List or icons only for menu items in 1Password mini?


    Bold text for login titles in the app?

    It looks bold to me... see below.

    A font for passwords where you can tell the difference between a capital "I" (eye) and a small "l" (ell) along with the existing feature of black letters, blue numbers and red symbols?


    ability to edit a login in 1Password mini?


    Hope that helps. :)


  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member
    edited January 9

    Thanks Ben, appreciate it.

    The Mac version is so far superior to any Windows password manager I've seen in a couple of weeks of testing. I was really concerned your OS X team might take items from the Win version instead of the other way around. Now it's time for the Windows team to catch up to the superb work being done by your Mac team and take over that side. This would be so far outside the best currently available for Windows.

    Instead of 30k threads in your Mac forum and 1K in the Win forum, how about 50k in the Mac forum and 100k in the Win forum?

    Thanks again.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @bobtomay: Ha! Totally. We're working on it. ;) 1Password for Mac has several years head start on our new Windows app on this point, but we're making great progress and won't be slowing down any time soon. Looking forward to hearing what you think of 7.3! :sunglasses:

  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member
    edited January 19

    Did the 1Password X addon for Firefox in Windows just come out in the last 2 weeks?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I'm not sure of the exact timeframe 1Password X became available on Firefox but it has been available since at least April of 2018.


  • bobtomaybobtomay Junior Member

    In case you get others with the same complaints I had.

    The add-on installed in FF when I started this thread 2 weeks ago was 1Password mini and not 1Password X. After trying several other managers, decided this morning I would stay with 1Password. I reinstalled 1Password 7 including the FF add-on on my Windows machine. Only this time 1Password X was the only add-on option for FF. I'm hoping someone removed the mini version from the FF repository for good.

    After installing 1Password X, to my great surprise, the browser extension had every single item I complained about above, including...
    2) full page access to every item
    3) icon with description of vaults, categories, etc.
    5) it indeed does use the Courier Prime Bits font for your passwords instead of that lame font used in the last version of the browser extension
    6) it opens a new tab when logging into a site you're not on currently
    7) while you can't edit within the extension, there is an edit button in the extension which opens the web site of ready to edit exactly the item you had on screen in the extension. In lieu of having to stop and open the desktop app, that works for me.

    While it's pretty hard to get an old codger excited, will say I am thrilled with 1Password X. This is what I was expecting of 1Password at this stage of the game and I'd give a high 5 to all the team members that put this together if I could. Now I'm convinced this is the best password manager even in Windows after trying out Roboform, Lastpass, Dashlane and a couple others.

    Out of all those other managers I tried, I saw only a couple items that might be nice incorporated into 1Password.
    An option to save web site receipts.
    An integrated vpn might be nice for some out there, but not at increased cost.

    Someone should have recognized 2 weeks ago that I was using the old mini version rather than version X.

    While I'm still comparing vs 6 on my Mac to vs 7 in Windows, the one thing that vs 6 has right is having your login items listed in bold rather than just a larger font which makes it much easier to see when scrolling through several hundred passwords.

    Now on to upgrading my Mac and iPhone to version 7 without it re-importing all my stuff again.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback, and the kind words! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying 1Password X and our custom font. I suspect you'll be seeing more of both over time. ;)

    We only have the information you give us, and you didn't provide any of the requested version information upfront, so we couldn't have know what you were using. Also, you wouldn't have been able to use 1Password X with a local vault; you needed to migrate your data to the 1Password account first. But, now that you've done that, all you need to do is sign in to your account on each device, and you'll have access to the data stored there:

    Pretty straightforward. But if you have any questions along the way, we're here to help. Cheers! :)

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