Can Autofill be smart enough to differentiate 2 different accounts on the same domain name?

I have an AWS console account as well as an Amazon shopping account.

On both password items, I specify separate sign-in URLs:

Whenever I sign in on either of the sites, Autofill always brings up all Amazon entries as it appears to recognise only .amazon..

Is it possible we can further fine-tune this behaviour so that Autofill knows that an AWS account is different from an Amazon shopping account?

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  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

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    Hi @alantcy,

    There isn't a way for a user to configure 1Password but we could potentially add an exception to 1Password if Amazon are consistent in this. Currently the default behaviour of being a standard subdomain apply. It's something we can certainly consider.

    ref: xplatform/security#9

  • " being a standard subdomain apply" - ok, but I'm not seeing any filtering going on for when logging on to AWS.

    This also applies to other regional sites like where accounts do not share.

  • Hi @alantcy,

    You wouldn't. The default behaviour would be to display any matches to the registered domain name and both and * share the same registered domain name of 1Password should display the more exact match first but that still isn't quite the behaviour you're looking for. We do have an issue filed for as that did get caught up in allowing Amazon credentials to be useable on any of the country specific domains. With the exception of you can use the same credentials everywhere else without creating a new Amazon account and we didn't realise the Japanese version of Amazon wasn't part of this at the time.

  • I’ve got the same problem with a different domain. I’ve got several different accounts with different usernames/passwords at different sites that all are in the domain. Each is stored in 1P as a distinct entry, including the distinct URL for each place. Yet every time I try to log into any one of them on IOS, it calls up all of these entries from 1P as suggestions. I don’t understand why 1P doesn’t pick the correct entry based on the entire, unique URL, but instead just looks at the domain

  • ceceliacecelia

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    Hey @michael34! I appreciate you sharing this. I agree that it would be nice if 1Password recognized subdomains or at least had a better sorting method when signing in on sites with multiple Logins/subdomains. I'm sorry I don't have the perfect solution for you at the moment, but this topic is definitely on our radar. You'll find a couple of our extensions devs discussing just this right here:

    In the meantime, if there's a specific Login item you use more frequently than others, you can tag it as a Favorite so it comes up first when you visit that site.

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