Can we customize the standard Login item template?

Apart from Username / Password / URL, some sites/services require more fields to authenticate (eg. Organization, Account ID or alias).
Is it possible to add more fields to the standard Login template when creating new logins?

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  • Hi @alantcy,

    If you save a Login item from inside the browser then 1Password will store details found on the page within the form details. For the majority of cases 1Password should then fill all the fields using this information although oddities can occur where we need to coax the right behaviour out of 1Password. Still, saving within the browser should work more often than not. If you need to save an entirely new Login item but the presence of an existing one means no prompt then one approach is to use the steps detailed on our support page How to save a Login manually in your browser and then you can delete the obsolete item afterwards.

    If you're finding 1Password isn't filling all the fields after trying this please let us know the URL for the sign-in page and we'll happily take a look.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables ,

    I tried your suggestion to create a new login from the browser (Chrome Ios) but it only provides me Username and Password, with the URL pre-populated.

    I have no place to key in the “3rd” field.

  • The website in question is

  • Hi @alantcy,

    Sadly that particular combination, iOS and Chrome won't work I'm afraid. Despite the goal of simplicity iOS is a warren of scenarios. In this case if you use iOS Safari with our 1Password iOS Safari Extension (see Use the 1Password extension to fill in Safari and apps on your iPhone and iPad) then you will find you can save and fill on this site. As you're on iOS the following cheatsheet of filling may be useful information.

    1. 1Password for iOS 7.2.1 or newer can use iOS 12's AutoFill. This filling only works for Login items and pages where they ask for only a username and password.
    2. 1Password for iOS 5.0 or newer can use iOS 8's iOS extensions. This will allow filling and saving of 3+ fields, just like our extension for Mac and Windows and I can confirm it works with iOS Safari and Firefox. This also allows for filling of Credit Card and Identity items.
    3. iOS Chrome doesn't work with our iOS Safari extension but instead works with our other extension aimed at third party apps. This limits it to 1Password for iOS passing a username and password to the app and the app deciding what to do with those details. In this regard it's more like iOS 12's AutoFill than our iOS Safari extension. Not only can it not save or fill 3+ fields but if a field is filled incorrectly for any reason we are unable to correct it as Chrome controls the actual filling. Support for iOS extensions must be built into the app by the developer so it is the Chrome development team that controls whether they use this extension or the iOS extension. I believe they were unhappy with the control the iOS Safari extension cedes to the extension.

    As you can see, there's not a simple one fill option for everything but if you're willing to use iOS Safari with our extension then you can fill that page. If it's any consolation, iOS Chrome is just a re-skinned iOS Safari as are all iOS browsers. All browsing, even our own 1Browser, must use the iOS Safari framework for all rendering.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables

    I tried your suggestion to Create Login via Safari IOS but still does not have a 3rd field for me to save value for the "Client" on the website.

  • Hi @alantcy,

    I apologise for not making it clearer. 1Password won't show a third field next to the default username and password fields but instead is saved within the saved form details. While the third field may not be immediately visible it will fill.

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