Use 1Password X on Chromebook and desktop app + extension on PC/Mac


I've recently started using a Chromebook and have installed 1Password X on it. This works fine. However, the issue is that 1Password X automatically disables the Chrome extension that I use with the Windows and Mac 1Password desktop apps, and Chrome syncs this change across all devices. On my Windows and Mac PCs, I would prefer to continue using the desktop app + extension instead of X. I can re-enable the extension, but then it wouldn't work on the Chromebook which of course only supports X.

Is there any way to configure Chrome to use X on my Chromebook, but the desktop app extensions on the Windows and Mac platforms?


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  • Hello @cinergi,

    I can't think of anything that could help beyond disabling the synchronisation of extensions. For the majority of our users having both present will probably lead to confusion and frustration so there's definitely an argument to be made for 1Password X disabling the companion extension. I've also experienced issues of not being able to connect a 1Password account to 1Password X if the companion extension was enabled. Part of the problem is if a solution starts to get convoluted and we're feeling that then the potential for problems for the user is probably magnified given they should need to try and account for whacky behaviour and I can't think what an elegant and simple solution would be here. It could be I'm just not clever or inspired enough at the moment and maybe somebody else is but my gut feeling is something that doesn't impact the majority of people, is relatively easy and fits in with whatever oddities Chrome throws at us is a tall order.

  • Thanks. Yes I agree this is not a 1Password issue, it's a Chrome sync issue. Disabling the companion extension is the right thing to do if X is used.

    After using X for a few days, I've realized that I actually like it so I'll just continue to use it in most cases instead of the companion extension + desktop app. I'm still keeping the desktop app open for situations where I need more advanced functionality, or to use a non-Chrome browser.


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    That makes sense. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying 1Password X! :chuffed:

    We'll be here if you have any other questions

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