Can I use autofill when using Apps?

I have many apps that I've downloaded from the App Store. I would like to launch an App and then use autofill to use the app. In some cases the functionality that is in the app is not available at the company's website. I find the need to go back to 1pw to copy and paste the username & password very slow and not at all user friendly. Is there a solution that will allow me to do this?


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    At this time it is not possible to use 1Password to fill information in apps other than browsers. Only browsers provide extension APIs which enable 1Password to work within them. Other apps do not provide such APIs. The Secure Input functions in OS X also make it difficult if not impossible to fill password fields throughout the OS. Until/unless this changes, you will need to copy and paste your credentials into another app that requires them.

    We're working on some ways to improve this, though. I can't leak any details, but I think you will find it easier in the future. Please stay tuned. :)

    If we can be of further assistance in the meantime, please let us know. We are always here to help!

  • Just checking in! I haven't seen anything further on what you mention in your response. I guess if I'm using 1p4 incorrectly then I'd like to understand what others are doing to use the various apps that are available and still require input of user names and passwords. Specifically I use the Wells Fargo IOS app all the time, especially to deposit checks. I can't use it without inputing my user name and password, and to make matters worse if I use the password generator I must cut and paste and honestly its a pain. Do you see anything in the future to allow for iOS app use?

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    Hi @Bill659651,

    Thanks for checking in on us! I think we may have run into a misunderstanding earlier. You mention here that you're using 1Password 4 for iOS. Because your original post was in the 1Password 3 for Mac forum, the answer you received was with respect to desktop apps.

    The situation with iOS is slightly different. Apple has some strict regulations in place that governs how mobile apps can interact with each other. More specifically, 1Password cannot do anything in another app unless that app expressly gives 1Password permission. So unless the Wells Fargo iOS app adds 1Password support, auto-filling your user-name and password is just not possible. There is a growing list of apps that have added 1Password support already: Apps that Love 1Password, and we're always willing to help developers who would like to do the same. In the event that Apple changes its policies in the future, we would be happy to add some more auto-filling magic to iOS. :)

    If you are interested in filling desktop apps, 1Password 4 has a handy feature in the Mini that will allow you to anchor an item's details on the screen to make copying and pasting easier. And, as always, we are still looking into ways to make this even easier in the future.

    I hope this explains the situation for you, but if you have any further questions, we're here to help!

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