Multiple computers?

I have several computers at work and several at home. How is the best way to install 1Password on all computers?

Related to this how can I link an iPhone app to my "account"?


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    Hi, @rkb.

    1Password doesn't have accounts: you purchase a license for PC or Mac OS and install the software on as many devices running that operating system as you like. Similarly, you purchase the app for iOS (or Android, currently in beta development) and download it from the App Store to as many devices as you like running that operating system.

    To share and sync your 1Password data (Logins and other saved items) among your PCs and with the app on your iPhone, you need to set up Dropbox as described in the user's guide, accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site.

    I hope that helps, @rkb. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • If the computer is public is there a solution? There is a common login for this public computer so installing drop box would not be an option based on what I understand. It would expose everything I have in dropbox along with the 1Password data. It seems that if rather than a folder I could specify a dropbox link then I could open up 1Password with the data stored on dropbox without installing dropbox and exposing my dropbox items. Is there another solution for a public computer?

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    You can't specify a URL in the 1Password Data Folder field—only a local drive, path, and folder (with a .agilekeychain folder).

    The "simplest" method would be to pick a computer where you store your 1Password data and think of it as the "home" of the data, copy the .agilekeychain folder from that computer to a removable drive, carry that drive with you to the public computer, launch 1Password on that computer, and point it to that removable drive's copy of the .agilekeychain folder.

    A few things to keep in mind if you go this route:

    • This isn’t automatic sync’ing, so any changes you make to the 1Password data on that removable drive would have to be copied back to the "home" computer.

    • DO NOT copy a .agilekeychain folder onto an existing .agilekeychian folder. The “merged” results will contain inconsistent metadata, and some or all of your data may be inaccessible to 1Password.

    • Be sure to copy the entire .agilekeychain package, NOT just its contents.

    • Be sure to retain the .agilekeychain extension on every copy; otherwise, 1Password for Windows won’t recognize it as a valid 1Password data folder.

  • This would assume that you have physical access to the computer. What if the computer is a virtual machine (say in a hosted cloud) or rack mounted in a server room?

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    Great question, @rkb. That is the purpose of 1PasswordAnywhere, which you can read about in the user's guide, accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site.

    With 1PasswordAnywhere, you have access to all your 1Password data—Logins and other saved items—from any device with an internet connection, just by putting your 1Password data folder under Dropbox on one of the computers that ISN'T publicly accessible.

  • I install 1Password then to access it for this 1PasswordAnywhere what do I do next? When I install 1Password it seems I only have three options and one of them is not 1PasswordAnywhere?

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    As described in the user's guide, accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site, you use 1PasswordAnywhere by putting your 1Password data in Dropbox, visiting your private Dropbox web site (presumably on a different computer), opening the 1Password.agilekeychain folder, opening the 1Password.html file, and entering your master password.

    You can do a similar thing by copying your entire 1Password.agilekeychain folder to a thumb drive, opening the 1Password.html file there (presumably on a different computer), and entering your master password, though that method is much less convenient.

  • I have done all that. Now when I install 1Password on the public computer I have three options. What do I do next?

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    You don't install 1Password to use the 1PasswordAnywhere feature. You simply open the 1Password.html file that resides inside the 1Password.agilekeychain folder. It's an HTML file, so it'll open in a browser.

    When you finish viewing 1Password.html, be sure to log out, exit the browser, clear the browser cache (probably unnecessary, but it can't hurt), and—if you brought your data on a thumb drive—remove the thumb drive and take it with you.

    Actually, you don't have to remove it take take it with you because, without your master password, no one will be able to use your data...but you probably don't want to leave a lot of thumb drives lying around. That could get expensive. :)

    It might be worth taking a few minutes to read about 1PasswordAnywhere in the user's guide, which is accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site.

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