Recent Apps displaying secured info

I noticed that if you are into 1P and you have to jump out to something else or your phone times out on the display, what ever was up on the screen in 1P is displayed in the recent app screen. The even shows the password for that login you were looking at in 1P. That means that if someone picked up your phone an looked at recent apps they can see all the information to access that login.


  • Not nearly as severe as the clipboard issue, but anything revealed before exiting the app is shown in Android's Recent Apps. I added blurs, but this should illustrate what I mean:

    Not sure if your developers can affect what is shown by Android, but obscuring any details would be good in case the device gets passed around.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Sorry, just saw your recent comment at the end of this thread. Glad to know it will be corrected for the final release!

  • saadsaad

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    Hi @drewsign,

    Thanks for your feedback. This is a concern that's on our priority list and we are currently working on 1Password to be better and more secure in your list of recently opened apps.

    I will add your feedback to our issue tracker. Thanks! :)

  • KellyGKellyG Support Jedi

    Hi @djgdroid,

    We're working on this, the thread of earlier discussion starts here with a suggestion from a user, and @Gene replied with how things will work in version 4. Check that out and please reply if you have more questions!

  • there should be a time delay before this gets hidden - I've had to use this "security bug" to work around apps and some fields that simply don't let you paste the password. One example is the Amazon app...

  • saadsaad

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    Hi @darwinmach! I'm happy to hear you found a positive use from this! We are looking into alternative ways to make 1Password more accessible, especially in applications that don't allow you to paste in your password.

  • otosnedeotosnede Junior Member

    This is a major security flaw and needs to be fixed asap... Apps like Simple black out their thumbnail in the recent apps list

  • saadsaad

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    Hi @otosnede! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is one of the main concerns we are working on and we will be releasing a fix for this in the near future.

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