How to access a backup of an agile keychain?

1Password > Preferences > Backup > Show Files indicates that the agile keychain backups are stored in
/Users/˜user/Library/Containers/ In this directory I see a number of zip files. Are the agile keychain files stored within these zip files? How do I access a specific agile keychain backup? I want to see the contents of a specific Secure Note that I once created, but that I no longer have in 1Password (not in the 1P trash either). Thx


  • JasperJasper

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    Hey @pomme4moi,

    1Password 4 stores its data in a SQLite database, not an Agile Keychain. The Agile Keychain is only used for syncing with Dropbox or Folder, and is currently being phased out. The backup ZIP files will include a OnePassword.sqlite file with your data.

    To restore data from an existing backup copy, using the File > Restore... option in the menu bar. Note that restoring from a backup will replace all current data. So you could backup current data, restore old data, get secure note, then restore current data.

  • Thanks. Will try that ...

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