Can't Login with Correct Master Password


As of today my master password is no longer working. I updated my
OSX system last night and suspect maybe it has revealed some bug?

My master password isn't working on any of my Air, iPad, or iPhone.
I am completely 100% sure that I am typing it correctly -- I have
never changed it, and I've tried 30 or 40 times carefully. There
is something wrong here.

Is email my only avenue for support on this? I've reached out to
the support address with a troubleshooting report. Are there any
known outstanding issues that might explain what's happening?


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @JonSimons,

    I'm so sorry to hear that your Master Password is not working! Please go to File > Restore and select a recent backup. This should get things back on track for you. Please let me know how that works!

  • Hi

    I have just had a similar problem, however, mine started when I changed my master password on my PC (Win 7). The change appeared to work fine on the PC initially and I was able to log out and login. However, when I tried to use my iPhone and Mac the iPhone would not synchronise and the Mac won't login at all. I then retried my PC and I'm locked out of that also! I'm sure of the password and have tried a few obvious variations, but to be honest, I was sure when I typed it in with the duplicate to confirm.

    The only device that still works and synchronises is my iPad on which I've changed nothing.

    It sounds like I have to restore a previous backup based on the above advice. And, by the way, I'm very impressed that the backups have been run in the background! On my PC, I get to these through Backup > Restore 1Password Data from Backup. I then have two options: restore to a new location or replace in existing location. I assume that if I restore to the existing location (which is Dropbox) that this will overwrite the existing files. I also understand that the restored files would be accessed through the old master password - is that correct?

    Assuming all goes well with the restore on the PC, then what further actions would I need to take on the mobile devices to get them synchronising?

    I've also sent an email, but now I'm registered in the Forum, I'm very happy to use this route.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @pipster,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've run into this problem! Since you've got access to your database on your iPad and everything seems to be behaving there, we'll simply reset sync with that as the primary device. However, because we're dealing with multiple devices here I think it's best to get a bit more information on your system before we move forward. I've responded to your email requesting the information that we need - we'll keep the conversation going directly through there :)

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