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I am facing several troubles:

1.- I cannot open "Preferences" menu in my Windows 1Password App

2.- The backup directoy in my PC shows the last backup dated in october 2013, so I do not have any recent backup (December 2013)

3.- My dropbox copy is not updated. (1Password.html dated October 2013)

4.- I cannot open 1Password using firefox explorer.

I can figure it out some ideas to try, but rather ask you and wait for your recomendations to fix all this!


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    @gonsai, I'm sorry you're having those problems!

    1. When you launch the main 1Password program and click the Preferences tool (or press Ctrl+P), what happens?

    2. On the Backup tab of 1Password preferences, what is the Frequency setting?

      Note that 1Password can only run backups while the main program is running. If you haven't launched the main program since October, that would be the latest backup date possible).

    3. On the General tab of 1Password preferences, what's the full path shown in the 1Password Data Folder field? If your data is under Dropbox control, the Move to Dropbox button will be disabled, and the path in that field will look something like this:

    4. In Firefox, please remove the 1Password extension; then launch the main 1Password program, select the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences, and install the extension for Firefox again.

    I hope that helps, @gonsai. Please let us know how it goes.

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    @gonsai what 1Password version are you running? please download and install the latest version here:

  • Sorry for not answering before but I am on vacations with little access.

    I have 1password in the following devices:
    1. Windows computer at my office (this the primary and the most I use)
    2. Windows computer at home
    3. iPad
    4. Windows phone

    Right now I am not able to check the version but I am pretty sure I am actualized because every time I see a new version available I always let my computer to install it.

    1. The day I posted this issue I was not able to access the preferences tool in my office computer... It will only not do anything. Today I tried it in my home computer and it allows me to go to preferences.

    2. In my home it is every day backups. In my office I cannot check it.

    3. At the preferences in my home computer I can see I gave the control to Dropbox. But I cannot check it in my office computer because I am not able to go into the preferences menu.

    I now remembering I uninstalled 1password in my office some time ago and then re installed it but I think I may forgot to populate my new installation from Dropbox and I used a backup file instead (Sorry about this... Upsss that was stupid)... This would explain I am not getting Dropbox actualized because every time I use 1password at work it won't actualize my Dropbox and neither my iPod, windows phone and home computer!

    Now I guess the first I need to check in my office computer is the path of my 1password data! And change it to be Dropbox but what happens if I am not able to go into preferences menu...?

    I may uninstall it again from my office computer and be sure to use Dropbox as the path of my data but the big question here is....

    How can I update the data in my Dropbox with the file I have been using in my office computer...?

    1. I will address this later... The most important right now is have my 4 devices actualized with the same information.
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    Please try this, @gonsai:

    1. In 1Password on the work computer, choose File > Export, and select the 1PIF option. Note the location of the .1pif file created!

    2. Install Dropbox, and make sure it's associated with the same Dropbox account as you use on your home computer.

    3. While Dropbox finishes copying your 1Password data down from your private web site, download and run the latest 1Password installer from our web site.

    4. When your Dropbox sync is complete, launch 1Password, and accept 1Password's offer to open the data folder it finds in your Dropbox folder hierarchy; use the same master password you use on the home computer to unlock your data.

    5. In 1Password, choose File > Import, and find and select the .1pif file you created above.

  • Tanks for your answer DBrowm... I still on vacations and without access to my office computer but I will try what you suggested me next week and let you know. I appreciate your help!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Let us know how it goes. Happy holidays!

  • Hello DBrown
    I did everything you tell me and now all is working ok...!
    Thanks a lot for your time and answers!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Oh, that’s great news, @gonsai—thanks for letting us know!

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