Feature Request: support page/font zooming

MrCMrC Community Moderator

The newer font size is great.

However, while my eyes are still good, when I show values to others on the iPhone, the text is too small for most. I'd like to be able to pinch-zoom the text size, like in Safari or Mail, so that a given field (e.g. my account or safe deposit box number) can be shown to someone (such as my bank teller).

Would this be possible?


  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Good morning @MrC!

    This is a very cool idea and one that I would certainly use myself. While it may not make it into our upcoming 4.5 release it's something I'd love to include at some point. I will create an entry for it in our bug tracker so that it doesn't get lost.

    Thanks for taking the time to write in!

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

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