iCloud & Dropbox sync fail on Beta 4.5B28

I'm using the latest 1Password beta, but am still unable to sync my data from the live 1Password into the beta from Dropbox or iCloud.

I get this error when attempting to sync with Dropbox. http://d.pr/i/KlxR

I have authorized 1Password through the Dropbox app and, by uninstalling the app, the web interface. I do have 2-step authentication enabled on my Dropbox account.

I'm sorry if my ignorance is showing.

Is the beta intended to have a separate database from the live version?

I'm running iOS 7.0.4 (not jailbroken) on an iPhone 4S.

Don't have a Mac (poor Windows user here), so iCloud sync is kind of irrelevant for me. Dropbox sync is essential.

Thanks for any info!


  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Good morning @caycepollard!

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. Dropbox was down for a good part of the weekend and only started coming back yesterday for most folks. Give it another try and see if it's working now.

    Thanks for being a tester!

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

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