Can I use 1Password4 to login to iPhone apps?

Many apps require a login. One in particular that I use a lot is for making deposits to my Wells Fargo bank accounts. Is there any way to automate that login?



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    Hey @DavidVN,

    No. You'll need to copy and paste your login information into other apps. Due to the sandboxing of apps on iOS, Apple does not provide developers with a way to directly integrate with other apps. Autofill only works within the 1Password app (1Browser).

    But here's a tip for quickly copying a password, use the "action bar". If you swipe right across a login, you can easily copy the password by tapping the clipboard icon:

    And 1Password will automatically clear out the clipboard within a given time period to ensure that your important information does not stay in the clipboard after you no longer have a need for it.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Not sure what the "action bar" is but I'll try to figure it out. Thanks! Also, maybe TextExpander could help me with this?

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    Hey @DavidVN,

    This is the action bar:

    Swipe right across a login to reveal it. You can easily delete an item, mark as favourite, go and fill in 1Browser, or copy the password (as I recommended above).

    And no, TextExpander would not be a good solution for this. Not only does TextExpander only work in a limited number of apps (for universal access, the built-in iOS shortcuts would work better), but trusting your password to an unencrypted form such as this would not be a good idea.

  • Thanks. Very helpful!

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