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    Hey @saad, I'm glad this issue is on top of list.

    While we're on the topic of UI, a few things I have a few things/questions/suggestions!

    1) Why not use Cards on favourites? Take a look at Android 4.4 dialer. I think the favorites screen can benefit a similar approach. Long press a card/tile and give the option to copy username/password (or other actions). Tap to view item details.

    2) I think the overflow buttons on the every list view item is over kill.

    3) Since 1Password is using a sidebar navigation, maybe we could use a hamburger menu icon? This seems to be the standard in Android UI approach.

    4) It takes too many steps to search anything. Why not add a search field on the Navigation sidebar? Kinda like Facebook (like their previous sliding menu approach). Or, just create a global search action bar icon, kinda like Evernote. Also, the sidebar can benefit for a quick sync status/force sync icon.

    5) The sync status on the notification/drawer area is a bit too much. I think this should be an option. Or maybe tone it down just to toast notifications (I'm not even sure if this is even necessary). Maybe only present a message/notification if there's a problem.

    6) How about automatically accept the correct PIN, without the need to press the unlock button?

    I'm very glad 1Password is finally getting a proper app on Android, but the current state of the app feels a little bit too much like its iOS counterpart. While I love both platforms equally, I think the Android app could benefit from a more native/Holo UI patterns!

    I apologize in advance if I sound patronizing/condescending.

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    Hi @evanhindra,

    That's quite a list! I've passed it all along to our developers, but I do have a couple things to tell you, for your info:

    • On Android, there's not a hard limit to the Quick Unlock Code, if that's what you mean in 6. On iOS it unlocks automatically because you enter a 4-digit number (there's no other option for what your code can be, it's four digits and numeric). Right now that notification, and therefore that auto accept, don't exist on the Android side. If we institute that limit, then there's a good chance it'll unlock automatically.

    • It looks a lot like iOS because part of what we wanted to do was give people a similar experience on all mobile devices. As we get more into what Android 4 and higher can really do, I'm sure the look and feel will evolve. Particularly with our beta testers we hoped we'd get a good mix of Android only and Android But Also iOS Sometimes Too in our testing, and this helps us make sure that we're getting the Android parts right, but that the iOS people also don't end up totally lost. Things will definitely evolve and change, particularly with your feedback. So thanks! (It's not UI related, but you should see a newer beta now too, if you haven't already…)

  • nevrozelnevrozel Junior Member

    I have to agree with the OP with regards to Search within the app. Right now it takes a full 4 taps to activate the search field. I think we should have the search icon right from the start screen which is the Favourites. The search function is perhaps the most used one so it should be accessed very quickly.

  • saadsaad

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    Hi @nevrozel! I agree, we will let our designers and developers know. It would be nice to be able to access the search function very quickly!

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    I would also like to see search modified. I'd prefer if the list of available items is dynamically changed as I enter a string into the search field. Having to type what I'm looking for, then press the tick to activate the search seems too cumbersome. I prefer the list change rather than have drop downs below the search field come out.

    Also a minor bug I've noticed is that after pressing the tick to search, if you clear the search field the list doesn't update. you have to press back and actually leave "All items" to go to Categories. Then you click on All Items again to have your list refreshed.

  • saadsaad

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    Hey @slicedbread. Your search results will be displayed dynamically in a pop-over as you type, there's no need to hit the 'tick' button. But if you do hit the 'tick' button, your search result is displayed in the list.

    I also noticed you're unable to clear the search results by tapping the 'x' button. I will bring this up to our development team, thanks for letting us know. :)

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