Copy Paste inefficient

The copy in the menu near the entry is ineffective. It copy only the login.
Other system like lasspassword purpose a notification for login and password or a keyboard that internally read the login and password from the apps.

When I enter the entry, copy the password is not easy, I have to click on a tiny link and do copy.

Can you improve that?


  • saadsaad

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    @celogeek: Yes, we are looking into improving this functionality. Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass them on to our developers.

    P.S. Improving that tiny triangle to copy login/password is on our priority list

  • ZxaosZxaos
    edited January 2014

    I'm with celogeek on this. I used to use keepassdroid on android, and the experience for entering usernames and passwords was super helpful. It went like this:

    You selected the appropriate credential from inside the password manager. When you switched away from the app, it popped up two android notifications. Selecting one copied the username to the clipboard, selecting the other one copied the password to the clipboard. After a configurable period, (or if you went back into the password manager and backed out to the overview screen) the notifications would go away.

    This was super useful because a number of Android applications will clear half-filled login credentials when you switch away, which means you're stuck manually typing in the login, since it disappears when you switch back to 1pass and you need the password in the clipboard.

    For me, this would be the single most important change from the existing 1password android app, as it has been the worst regression in the overall experience having switched to 1password on a mobile device.

  • Just trying out the beta for the first time. I like that notification bar idea. One other comment about the copy/paste feature, instead of having to press the spinner to then select the copy option, just being able to long press the field would be more efficient. Thanks and looking forward to the "final" product.

  • @Zxaos I love the notification idea.

    @Saad, please consider something similar!

  • saadsaad

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    @Zxaos: Thanks for the suggestion, I will bring it up to our development team. We are looking to improve the copy and paste mechanism, as well as make 1Password more accessible throughout the operating system. Your comments are greatly appreciated!

    @opuntia2: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Tap and hold to copy is something that's being looked over by our designer at the moment. :)

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