Suggestion: Make item list headings prettier/easier to scan

ethansissonethansisson Junior Member
edited January 2014 in iOS Beta

This isn't exactly something most people will notice, but I don't like the styling of the alphabetical item list headings in the beta. The following thoughts on this are candid, but please don't take it as any kind of demand to change anything. I'm not your designer and I know whatever you release will be great. :)

  1. The border on the bottom edge doesn't extend all the wait to the left edge of the view. This undermines the visual hierarchy of the groups (i.e. 'A,' 'B,' 'C,' et al look too much like items in the list instead of headings for the alphabetical groups).
  2. I don't like the bottom-border anyway. I think it would be better to simply imitate what other apps do (Apple apps such as Phone and Contacts, for example) and give the heading a gray background. It's more iOS 7-like (yay consistency!) and makes the list easier to scan while scrolling.
  3. There's an awkward gap between the search control and the list. Not a big deal, but I haven't seen this in other apps so it feels weird on a platform where stuff like this is usually consistent from app to app.

Messy screenshot explanation: 22.35.59 2.png

As always, you guys are killing it. Keep up the good work!


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