Update Password - in 16 easy steps!

Is there an easy way to update a password within 1Password4?

Identify a password I would like to update
Use 1P4 to log into a website via iOS
Navigate to change password.
Copy and paste password from logins after looking up the appropriate login
use password generator to create a new, secure password
update the password on the site
1P4 does not update the password *&^%!!!
open up my MBA to use the mac version of 1P4
navigate to passwords and pick the one I've just generated
navigate to logins
look up website
select old password
paste new


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @IdOpenMcB,

    To update a password for a site on 1Password 4 for iOS, do the following:

    • Open 1Password 4 for iOS, and unlock it.
    • Go to the login item you want to update.
    • Tap on the website address to launch the 1Browser, which should log you into the site.
    • Navigate to the site’s Change Password form, and enter your current password. Copy it from the vault view of the item, if needed, by sliding the 1Browser aside for a moment.
    • Once the current password is entered into the form, slide the 1Browser aside, and place the login into Edit mode.
    • Either type in a new password, or use the Strong Password Generator to generate a new one.
    • Save the login.
    • Copy the password field, and slide the 1Browser back into view.
    • Paste the new password into the new and confirmation fields, then save the changes to the form.

    Admittedly, it's not one step ... but it's not quite 16 either. We are looking at ways to make this easier in the future - I'll mention to our developers that you're excited to see this too :)

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