Safari error: "Extension database not available."

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I'm using 1Password Version 3.8.21 (build 32009), syncing with Dropbox, on my Macbook Pro, running OSX 10.9.1, with Safari Version 7.0.1 (9537.73.11). Have been using it for a very long time, without any significant issues, other than a recent sync conflict snafu that seemed not to cause any permanent damage.

Earlier this morning, I removed an extension from my Safari config. The extension I removed was something unrelated to 1Password-- I didn't do anything to the 1Password extension (which is version 3.9.20). But immediately after removing the other unrelated extension, 1Password stopped working in Safari. When I try to unlock the database, I get an error message: "Extension database not available. Please press Command-Option-Q to restart your browser and discard invalid..." (I can't actually see the rest of the error message text-- it is truncated because it won't fit in the dialog box. That's a little frustrating...)

I followed those directions, pressing Command-Option-Q. That didn't help.

I "reset" Safari completely. That didn't help.

I completely uninstalled the extension, "reset" Safari, and then pressed Command-Option-Q. Then I re-installed the extension by downloading it from the page that is brought up by the 1Password app, "Install Browser Extensions" menu option. That didn't help.

I completely uninstalled the extension again, reset Safari, then rebooted my Mac. Twice. Then I re-installed the extension. That didn't help.

Meanwhile, the 1Password application works fine, has no problems opening my database, and doesn't give any errors at all, and I can see all my password records without any obvious problems.

What am I doing wrong???? How can I fix this? I use 1Password every day-- if not every hour I'm on my laptop. This is debilitating! Please help!



  • Hi Chris ( @chris068 ),

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with the 1Password Safari extension. Please see this article for some fix instructions: "Problem with database" in v3 extension in Safari on OS X Mavericks

    You should be all sorted out, but please let me know if you're still unable to use the extension, and we'll investigate further.

  • Thank you Megan. This does indeed correct the problem. Odd though-- I migrated to Mavericks quite a while ago and had no problems until just now.

    Also, on the page you provided the link for, the author says "This problem does not occur in the new 1Password 4 for Mac, but if you are sticking with 1Password 3 for some reason..." Thought I'd mention the reason. $49.99 is a very very very steep price for upgrading from 3.8 to 4.x. I've read what 4.x can do, and I certainly appreciate the increased/improved feature set. But it's not compelling enough to justify that stiff of a price tag for a long-time loyal user. At $19.99 or so, I'd do it. (Sadly I missed your half-price sale... Maybe you'll do that again? :o))


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thanks for you feedback, @chris068! If it helps, all existing users are entitled to 50% off when upgrading. Just enter your license key here:


  • OH! Outstanding. I did not know that-- thank you for informing me. I can probably justify $25.... :o)

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Happy to help! Thanks in advance for your continued support. :)

  • Hey @khad, I'm sorry to bug you again, but I'm confused. Yesterday, when you posted the upgrade URL, I saw that I could get 50% off on single user or family license for 1P4. Today, I decided to go ahead and purchase the family license pack, and I followed the same link, but when I entered my current serial number today, your site just automatically put the single-user license in my cart, and didn't show me discounted prices on anything else. Did I do something wrong?

  • Hi @chris068,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble upgrading. It sounds like you may need to clear your cart. Go to and remove any licenses that you see there. Then you should be able to add your family license.

    Please let me know if you run into any further snags - we're here to help :)

  • You guys are amazingly helpful! However, this didn't solve the problem. The URL you provided automatically redirects to /store, and shows original prices. To be sure, I completely reset Safari, and then followed the /onepassword/mac/upgrade URL @khad provided, entered my existing license, and once again got the single-user version automatically added to my cart at the upgrade price, and couldn't find any option to see family bundle at upgrade price.

    I even tried the URL in the Chrome browser, just to be sure there wasn't any history/cookies/etc on my side, and still got the same result. Not sure what to try next.... But I'd be grateful for a hint! :)

  • Hi @chris068,

    Ok, I've just tested things out here, and if you go to this page -- -- you should be re-directed to a page that lets you choose your bundle. I just noticed that Khad's link is meant to be a one-step easy upgrade for the single user license. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things behave properly for you through the general upgrade page!

  • Indeed! Thank you for the pointer, @Megan. Thank you both for the excellent support. :)

  • Hi @chris068,

    On behalf of Khad, you're so welcome! I hope the upgrade process goes smoothly, but we're here for you if you hit any snags. :)

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