Visual: Too much space on left side of list

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Is this bug reproducible?


Which devices did this bug appear on and is it reproducible on any devices?

Tested on iPhone 5c.

A quick summary of the bug:

The item list views look a bit lopsided. There's more than enough room to the left to show an unread indicator (like in Mail:, which, of course, isn't necessary in 1Password. It would be great to see this tightened up.

The Contacts app is a good example of the spacing I would expect to see:

Detailed Step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it:

  1. Open 1Password
  2. Tap 'Favorites,' or tap 'Organize' then a folder or tag, or tap 'Categories' then 'All Items' or any category
  3. Item list displays with enough space for an elephant to the left


This is all looking great, guys. I'm really excited!


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Good morning @ethansisson!

    It was awesome to wake up this morning and see so much incredible feedback from you, you rock!

    I will go through each item and put it on our punch list to take care of. If we have any questions for you on a particular piece of feedback we'll ping you on that discussion.

    Thanks again, we really appreciate it!

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

  • hazmathazmat Member

    I was going to report this, but found this thread and just wanted to send a "me too". Thanks.


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