Serious bug in 1Browser when changing passwords?


recently I was using 1Password on my iPad and opened (a German email provider) in its built-in browser. For security reasons I thought it'd be wise to change the password I was using with this service, and opened the corresponding page in 1Browser. GMX asked for the old password which I copied from 1Browsers main menu, I then used the 1Browser's ability to directly edit the corresponding login entry, created a new password, copied it to the clipboard, saved the changes, entered the password into the webpage, and voilà, everything was done. By switching to iOS Mail I could verify that the new password was already used by my mail provider. Fine. I logged out, closed 1Browser and put the iPad into standby.

Back on my Mac I started 1Password 4 to let it synchronize the changes made on the iPad. Obviously the changes weren't yet synchronized to iCloud because they weren't visible. Ok, no problem I thought, I have the changes on the iPad. I opened 1Password's main menu, login items, opened the changed login entry, and had to detect that the password change made in 1Browser was lost :-(

Have I done something wrong?



PS: I'm using 1Password 4.3.2 on iOS and 1Password 4 from the Mac App Store, both configured to use iCloud for syncing.


  • Hi @Thorsten_Heit,

    Thanks for writing such a detailed report! It sounds like you have done everything correctly here. I'm so sorry to hear that 1Password didn't update the Login properly for you.

    We might still be able to locate this password for you. If you used a generated password to change your password on the site, please check in the Passwords category. All generated passwords should be automatically stored there as soon as they are generated. If you don't find it listed by title, you should be able to find it via the time created.

    We are working on significantly re-vamping the 1Browser to make it more efficient and simpler to use in the future. Hopefully fewer steps will result in a better, more reliable Login updating experience.

    If you need to update any other Logins in 1Password 4 for iOS, I would suggest modifying your steps slightly:

    • Open 1Password 4 for iOS, and unlock it.
    • Go to the login item you want to update.
    • Tap on the website address to launch the 1Browser, which should log you into the site.
    • Navigate to the site’s Change Password form, and enter your current password. Copy it from the vault view of the item, if needed, by sliding the 1Browser aside for a moment.
    • Once the current password is entered into the form, slide the 1Browser aside, and place the login into Edit mode.
    • Either type in a new password, or use the Strong Password Generator to generate a new one.
    • Save the login.
    • Copy the password field, and slide the 1Browser back into view.
    • Paste the new password into the new and confirmation fields, then save the changes to the form.

    Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience here!

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