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My early 2008 MacBook Pro died last week. I did not have a recent backup and have lost all but my documents, photos and desktop files. I have lost all my files and software. I was using 1Password but do not even know what version. I obviously have lost access to all my passwords which had been entered. I did find a backup of it on my desktop which was performed a day prior to the crash. If I purchase the latest version will I be able to reclaim my data via this backup. Thanks for your help. Urgently waiting.


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    Hi Vickie,

    If you'd like to re-download 1Password 3 and restore your data, you can get it here:

    Legacy Versions of 1Password

    You could also download the newest version, 1Password 4, if you'd like:

    AgileBits Downloads

    Version 4 will be a paid upgrade after the 30 day trial, but I think it's an awesome update and worth the price.

    Now, to restore your data. The following steps are assuming that you have a backup file that is named something like this: 1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain_zip

    Restoring Your Data

    • Rename the backup filename to change the '_' character to '.' so it has a ".zip" extension.

      • For example: 1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain_zip would become 1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain.zip
    • Unzip that file to create a usable Agile Keychain of the backup (with a ".agilekeychain" extension).

      • For example: 1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain

    If you're using 1Password 4:

    • Install and open 1Password 4.

    • 1Password might auto-detect your Agile Keychain from above and prompt for your master password. If it doesn't, choose I've used 1Password before, then This Mac, and point 1Password to the Agile Keychain that you unzipped above.

    • You should be set! :)

    If you're using 1Password 3:

    • Install and open 1Password 3.

    • Choose Find Existing and 1Password to the Agile Keychain that you unzipped above.

    • You should be set! :)

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