Can 1Password be used to fill in passwords on an app?

Can 1 Password be used to fill in username and password on an app on an iPhone? For example, I use Square in business. To log in, I need to fill in my email address and my password. My email address is long, my password strong - caps, no caps, numbers, symbols - Both are a pain to enter on the little iPhone keyboard. Any way around this using 1 Password?


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    The only way for 1Password to automatically fill in such logins is to use the built-in 1Browser to access the web page. Apple's rules do not allow third party applications to access Mobile Safari, so applications wanting to transfer information need to build in their own web browser. To take advantage of this, open 1Password, navigate to the record for the place you want to log in, and then tap the URL for that site. You will be taken to the site in 1Browser and your credentials will be transferred there.

    This isn't ideal, but it's the best the developers can do.

    If a site won't recognize 1Browser as legitimate, there are options to change kits apparent identity the 1Passowrd settings menu under 1Browser. Go to User Agent, where you can change the identity.

    If you want to transfer credential to a native iOS application, not a web site, there isn't any way I know of for 1Password to do that. That's also true for the Mac version.

  • I'm new to 1Password but so far, I don't see how to get 1Password to fill in the user name and password on the mobile aps. If I let the 1Password browser open the website, it works. But for many websites, the mobile ap is better to use. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi @stevezoller,

    Due to restrictions in iOS, 1Password is only able to auto-fill logins in 1Browser. If you're using Safari or any other app, you must copy and paste your login info. Unfortunately it's a limitation in iOS and there's nothing that can be done by AgileBits to integrate 1Password with other apps.

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