Copy button disappears!

For me, this is a recurring bug in 1Password Version 4.1.3 (413002)

When I first start 1Password, I can copy fields to the clipboard and paste elsewhere. After awhile, however, the copy button isn't available -- I can click all over the fields: no copy button, nothing copied to the clipboard.

If I quit 1Password, then restart, the copy button reappears -- then, after some indeterminate amount of time, I can't copy login IDs, passwords, nothing. I have noticed, though, that while I can't copy URLs, if I click on them a browser window launches.

This used to be my most frequently used feature -- until it stopped working.

Now it's just a growing source of frustration.

I'm running 1Password on a MacPro with 10.9.1

Please FIX this bug!


  • The current work around is simply to switch items (i.e., select another item and then switch back to the one you want). I appreciate it's not a bug fix, and others have also mentioned the bug so no doubt a fix is in the works.


  • Hi @Brighter454 and @Stephen_C,

    I just wanted to let you know that this issue is definitely in our tracker, and our developers are currently searching for a solution. Unfortunately I can't tell you much more than that right now, but I have added your votes to the tracker to let them know you are keen to see this solved as soon as possible!

    Thanks so much for your patience :)

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