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I am using 1P on my MacBook Pro, my iMac, and a few IOS devices. All versions are up to date. I have had them all working (syncing) for quite some time and I have not noticed any issues. Today, however, I saved new login information for a website on my MBP and the data is not available on any other device. I have checked my sync settings as best as I know how to (How can you tell if it is saving to a different location?) and I don't know why.

For all I know, each installation of 1P could be saving to different locations and I only just noticed. Alternately, it may just be this one time. ANy and all help is appreciated.

Weston, FL


  • Sorry not to be able to give you an immediate answer but, in order to help you, someone will ask:

    1. how are you syncing the devices (iCloud, Dropbox, wi fi, folder sync);
    2. what OS X and iOS versions of 1P4 are you using;
    3. for good measure, what versions of OS X and iOS are you using?

    If you can add that information to this thread I'm sure someone will be along quite soon to help.


  • I use Dropbox sync (I also just turned on iCloud sync on me iPhone and iPad). I'm on Mavericks on both computers and the latest IOS 7 for all devices (I have automatic updates enabled). 1P4 is also updated to the latest versions on all devices.

    Thanks, Stephen.


  • It sounds to me as though you may have a problem arising from using two sync methods contemporaneously. That is not recommended. In other words, just use Dropbox or iCloud. Apologies if I've misunderstood what you said.


  • It appears as though the file in Dropbox has not been modified since November of last year (i just noticed this).

    I turned off the iCloud sync, although I think that it is ok to have it stored in two locations as once (redundancy is good, no? :-) ).

    I am looking at the 1Password folder on Dropbox on both my MBP and my iPad and it is showing some odd things...on the iPad, it shows a huge listing of files with the extension "1password". All off them are about 6 months old. On the MBP, I see a folder labeled 1Password (that is on the iPad too), but inside the folder I only have one file named "1password.agilekeychain", and that one shows a modified date of November 16, 2013. I have added a number of logins on my iPhone, iPad and either of the two computers I use since then (for sure).

    I am hesitant to delete anything, but I think I need to "start over". Is there a way to export the data from each device / computer and then merge them all?

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    Hi, @bigdad13.

    I'm sorry you've got some mixup with syncing your 1Password data. Please send a Diagnostics Report from MacBook Pro and we'll help get this sorted out through email; instructions are here:

    Sending us your Diagnostics Report to help us help you!

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forum, but do include a link to this topic in the email so we can "connect the dots" when we receive it. A quick comment here mentioning that you've sent it would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Done. I also noticed something odd when I got home. My 1Password folder on my MBP shows the old date as mentioned above, but my new iMac that I got on the 10th shows ##that## date as the last modified date. Bear in mind that I used the DropBox syncing to get up and running on the iMac. But there have been logins stored on the iMac since then, and logins stored on the MBP since then...but neither sees the other.

    Strange things indeed. I am sure it is something I have done incorrectly. I just want to know what, how and how to get back to being right. :-)

    Thanks again,


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    Hi @bigdad13,

    We'll be happy to get you all sorted out! Since you've already sent your Report in to our support team, we'll follow up directly there to avoid duplicating efforts or creating confusion. :)

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