Want to Leave one authentication field blank

Hi All,

I did a search but was unable to find a solution, or if indeed this is possible. One of my internet banking sites has three login fields, username, password and auth token. Due to the type of account privileges I have I don't need to fill out the auth token field so it is left blank. 1Password fills it with my password tho causing a login error.

I currently have it set to Not Submit so I can remove the data from the auth token field before submitting the form. Is there a way I can tell 1Password about this extra field and instruct it to leave the field blank?

Thanks in advance, Tracy.


  • Have you tried saving a new login manually for the site. That often fixes problems like this one.


  • Hi Stephen,

    I just tried doing what you suggested, but had no success. BTW I should mention I only setup 1Password yesterday so I am still learning the ropes.

    I deleted the existing one and created a new one : -

    1. File > New Login
    2. Filled out only the username and password fields
    3. Entered the Website URL. So you can see the options, the login page is https://www.bendigobank.com.au/banking/BBLIBanking/
    4. Saved

    1Password is still entering the password in to both the password and authentication key fields. Thanks in advance for any further assistance.

    Cheers, Tracy.

  • Tracy, are you actually following the exact steps for saving a new login manually? If you click on that link I've just given there are detailed instructions and what you said you did doesn't seem quite the same as those instructions!


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Tracy ( @DemetersRest ),

    Thanks so much for including the website that you're having trouble with! I was able to create a Login for that site that leaves the Authentication field blank by following the instructions that @Stephen_C posted above. Please let me know if you are not getting the same results.

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