1P4: 2 Macs work on Dropbox, 1 Mac and 1 PC won't

I've upgraded to 1P4 on 2 systems, and my Dropbox "1Password.agilekeychain" directory works fine with them -- lots of logins saved there.
But new installs of 1P4 on a new Mac and a Windows box won't work see that information, even when pointed to this Dropbox directory.
They start out with zero information, and don't see my accumulated logins from the other 2 Macs.
All macs are 10.9.1, and the PC is Win7.


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @N4TY,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble getting 1Password to find your 1Password.agilekeychain in Dropbox. Here are a few things to try:

    • Ensure that Dropbox is installed on both machines, and that you are logged in with the same account everywhere.
    • For your Mac: please follow the instructions here on how to Help 1Password find existing data in Dropbox
    • For your Windows machine: Go to File > Open 1Password Data Folder and select your keychain.

    I hope this gets you all sorted out, but if you're still having difficulty pointing 1Password at your keychain, please let me know!

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