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I've been loving 1Password on my iMac with Mavericks and my iOS device...

... but I just installed it via the Apple App Store on my MBAir (also running Mavericks) and I'm getting weird stuff... No sync options and no vault options. What am I missing? Here's two screenshots of the issue:

Please help!


  • Sorry if this is too simple, but have you rebooted since installing? If not, just try that and see if it helps.


  • kwagskwags
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    Thanks for the response Stephen. Unfortunately, yes, I did try that and it does not help.

    It's working fine on both my iMac and my Mac Mini ... It's the MBAir that's the problem ... and that's sort of a big problem because it's the one I usually have with me. It does sync to my iPhone, so it's mostly an inconvenience at this point and not quite a 'crippling' deal breaker... I just so love the software, I'd love the seamlessness that is within grasp. ;-)

    I also tried the "make sure the iCloud directory exists" thing -- storing a PDF from the MBAir to iCloud.

    One thing I note is that my iCloud documents only shows 1Password Mini as having data; it does not show "1Password" itself. But again, it does sync OK to my Mac Mini.... and my iPhone 5s.

    Any thoughts on this ?

  • As an addendum, even though I have the "Always run 1password mini" checked, it's not actually running. I don't see it in the top bar of the MBAir.

    I looked for an "Uninstall" option so I could just see if something didn't take the first time ... but I don't see one ?

  • Until someone more expert comes along with a better suggestion the only thing I can suggest at the moment is to start over on the MacBook Air. Of course, you'll want to do that only if you're sure that you have a complete database of items somewhere else (so that you don't lose anything). It might be worth trying that to see if it sorts out this rather strange problem.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @kwags,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with 1Password on your MacBook Air. Please let me know if you are still seeing this after Starting Over as @Stephen_C suggested!

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