Change the 1Password Chrome Icon [Under consideration]

I'm running Chrome with a dark theme and the black key icon blends into the toolbar. Is it possible to change the icon that it uses?


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    Not that I know of, @RichardPayne. What happens with other tool icons in the Chrome toolbar?

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    To be fair, same of the other third party extensions have the same issue. Same of them have coloured icons that work on a light or dark background. It is clearly possible to change the icon at run time since the Avast extension changes its icon colour to represent different threat states on the page.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

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    For anyone who's interested, you can manually change the icon yourself. It lives in:

    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\<Profile>\Extensions\<Extension ID>\\data\images

    <Profile> is usually "Default" although if you have different Chrome users configured then you'll need to do this for each one.
    <Extension ID> is found in the Extension Management screen (right click an extension icon > Manage).

    Backup the two toolbar-chrome images, replace with the two attached images and restart Chrome.

    I have the unfortunate feeling that this will need to be done every time the extension is updated by Agilebits.

    @DBrown‌ @svondutch‌ any idea if icon auto-selection based on the toolbar background lightness will be implemented?

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    Hi @RichardPayne‌,

    It is possible to change the icon anytime like Avast does depending on the context of the site but the part that we don't know is if it is possible from the extension to detect what theme is being used or more specifically, its background color. The extensions are pretty isolated from each other and themes are considered as extensions by Chrome.

    We'll investigate the APIs and see what we can do.

  • If you can't detect the theme then just provide a setting on 1P extension to use a light or dark icon. I don't mind having to choose an icon manually, although obviously automatic would be preferred.

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    Hi @RichardPayne,

    Right, this might go along with our wishes to show locked/unlocked icon on the toolbar. I'll add it to our tracker related to that one and we'll see what we can do.

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