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Joe WanaJoe Wana
edited February 2014 in 1Password 4 for Windows

Whenever I turn off autosubmit, you always insist on turning it back on when you update the software.

Why [      ] do you do this? I want to prevent phishing, but you insist on [spoiling] my security so [my fellow 1Password users] can see the [      ] shiny autosubmit


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited February 2014

    Thanks for the feedback, Joe, but auto-submit has nothing to do with phishing.

    One of 1Password's greatest strengths is that it won't fill your login credentials into a form that doesn't match the URL stored in your saved Login item. For example, if you save a Login item for MySecureBankSite.com, 1Password won't be fooled by someone cloning the web site and hosting it on MySecureBankSite.co.ru in hopes of getting your username and password.

    That said, we should be preserving option settings through updates, and I'll make sure Development knows to keep an eye out for this.

    Thank you for using 1Password for Windows, Joe, and for contributing to the friendly and constructive conversations here in the forum!

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