Tags coming to 1Password 4 on iOS?

I just tagged many of my entries in 1password on my Mac in order to create a nice scheme that's working perfectly for me - and now I find that no tags are shown in 1Password on iOS devices! Is that true or am I missing something here? If it should be true, then can we expect that tags will come to 1Password on iOS too? Soon? :)

PS: same question for intelligent folders ...


  • iCocoiCoco
    edited February 2014

    Just found an answer from Agilebits support in my inbox to my similar request which I had sent by E-Mail, saying:

    "... Tags are coming soon to an update to iOS...please stay tuned, we are looking forward to rolling out this feature! :)"

    Great! Really looking forward to having my tags on iOS ... "soon"!
    Hopefully, we'll see Intelligent Folders on our iOS devices, too. :D

  • Hi @iCoco,

    You're certainly not the only one who is looking forward to tags on iOS! We'll do our best to have this ready just as soon as we can :)

    Thanks for you patience as we work to polish up this feature.

  • That's great news. I have about a gazillion items stored (slight exaggeration around 150) and really miss not having tags on the mobile apps.


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