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I am running version 4.1.2 on my Mac. It works great! The app is linked to my Dropbox account. I am trying to use 1Password on a PC and share the data I have in Dropbox. I downloaded the app for Windows and installed it on my PC running Windows 8.1 after I installed Dropbox on the PC. The installation instructions indicate that 1Password will recognize that Dropbox is installed and link to it automatically. When I open 1Password it does not do that. Any ideas on how I can get the Windows app to link to Dropbox?



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    You need to make sure the name of your 1Password for Mac vault, stored in your Mac's local Dropbox folder hierarchy, ends with the ".agilekeychain" extension; otherwise, 1Password for Windows won't recognize it as a value 1Password data folder.

    I recommend you quit 1Password for Mac, find the vault in Dropbox on your Mac, add the ".agilekeychain" extension to its name, launch 1Password for Mac (to confirm that all your Login items and other saved data are present), and wait for Dropbox to finish copying the change up to your private web site and down to your PC; then launch 1Password again, either accepting its offer to open the newly renamed .agilekeychain folder or (if that doesn't happen) choosing File > Open 1Password Data Folder and selecting the newly renamed .agilekeychain folder.

    Please let us know how it goes, @tavaughn.

  • David,

    The file I see in Dropbox is a .settings file. I added the extension and made sure it uploaded on the Mac and the PC. Then, I reopened it and 1Password did not see the file. I browsed for it, but it would not let me select the file. Am I dealing with the right file? Seems like I am not working with the right file. If not, where do I find the "vault"?


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    Do not rename the .settings file. It must be named as it was: .ws.agile.1Password.settings

    Without changing anything about the contents of that file, what string is stored in it?

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    Also, in 1Password for Mac preferences, what's shown under Sync'ing Primary vault with Dropbox?

    Does it look something like this?

    • YOUR-NAMEDropbox ▶ ... ▶ 1Password
  • The string is 1Password/1Password.agilekeychain inside the .settings file.

    I went to preferences and it seems that 1Password is syncing with iCloud. That is puzzling to me because I thought it was syncing to Dropbox. How do I get it to save there? It seems I will need to add the vault file in Dropbox.

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    On your Mac, launch 1Password, choose File > Preferences, select the Sync tab, and select Dropbox sync'ing.

    When you're asked where to store your 1Password data, make sure you choose Dropbox ▶ 1Password ▶ 1Password.agilekeychain exactly.

    When Dropbox finishes copying your 1Password.agilekeychain folder up to your private web site and back down to your PC, you'll be able to select that folder in 1Password for Windows.

  • I have it working. Thanks. Do you know if I need a separate license of 1Password if I am running the software on the same Mac (even though the computer has both operating systems).

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    We license "per person, per platform," regardless of what hardware the "platform" is running on. For example, a single purchase of 1Password for iOS allows you to use it on multiple iPhones and iPads (assuming you use the same iTunes account on all of them, and you're the only one using 1Password on those devices).

    Contrast that with Mac OS X and Windows, which are different platforms, even if you run both on a Mac. That applies to Windows virtual machines, as well as BootCamp partitions.

    Your 1Password for Mac license key will get you a nice discount in our online store, though, which you can use to purchase a 1Password for Windows license.

  • Where do I find my license key and where do I enter it to get the discount?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    If you purchased a 1Password for Mac license in our online store, you received your license key in an e-mail message from us. In our online store, click the "upgrade" button for the 1Password for Windows license you want, and enter your 1Password for Mac license key in the space provided.

    If you purchased the 1Password for Mac app in the Mac App Store, just send us a copy of the e-mail receipt from Apple, and we'll send you a coupon for a discount on a 1Password for Windows license that you can enter during the checkout process in our online store.

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